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5 Ways to use your Palm Stones

Palm stones, also known as soap stones or touch stones are round-shaped stones that are excellent for relaxation, meditation, and general wellness. They are designed to fit neatly into your palm and have a sensual, tactile shape.  Palm Stones are a great way to start your crystal journey as simply holding a palm stone can assist you to tap into its crystal energy.  Here are our top 5 ways to use your palm stones.

Palm Stones for Meditation

Using palm stones during meditation is our go to method. Meditation is maybe the healthiest habit any of us can hope to develop but creating a meditative or mindful state isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we need a little help from our crystal friends. Enter the palm stone.

A palm stone in each hand creates a sense of balance.  The ease in which a smooth stone fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, gives you something to grip and focus on as you invite in positive energy.  You can use a crystal that invites calmness and connection or you can use a crystal to assist in attracting what you desire.  Calming crystals include: Amethyst, Lepidolite and Selenite.

Sleeping with Palm Stones

Another fool proof way of using crystal palm stones is to fall asleep holding a stone in your palm or under your pillow.  The calming energy of the crystals will induce relaxation and improve the quality of your sleep.

If you are looking for answers to specific questions, you can use your palm stone to invite the answer to visit during your dreams.  Before going to sleep, hold your palm stone and think deeply about your question.  Release the idea into your stone and then place it under your pillow.  There are a variety of crystals, helpful in assisting with sleep problems or finding answers.

Palm Stones for Protection

Palm stones work very well for protection because they are easily transportable. As they are easy to keep on you, in your purse, pocket, or somewhere else, you can keep the protective powers with you wherever you go. And who wouldn’t want to be continually protected from negative vibes?

If you are looking for a protective palm stone to keep with you, I would recommend Black Tourmaline which blocks and repels negative energy. You could also choose smoky Quartz, which will transform that negative energy into positive and supportive energy for you throughout the day.  

Journaling with Palm Stones

Journaling is a great method for releasing thoughts and emotions. It’s a healthy way to vent, write out your dreams or ambitions, and gain perspective. By adding a palm stone to your journaling practice, you can gain greater clarity or allow your crystal to guide your thoughts as you release them.  

Use while Working or Studying

Crystals for study or work will help you get back into the zone with renewed focus. If you are feeling the mental exhaustion set in, allow palm stones to assist in bring back your mental drive. Take a few moments with your stone to invite peaceful connection before returning to your work. 

Palm stones are so versatile. Try out some of the ways above and see what works for you.  These methods also work with our crystal spheres, worry stones and polished hearts.


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