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Lemurian Seed Crystals

The Power of Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian seed crystals are said to have originated in Lemuria. When the Lemurians time on Earth was ending, they left messages in the crystals for future generations to learn of their wisdom long after the civilisation was lost.  The crystals were then planted in a grid pattern to be found thousands of years later. They were spread across the Earth and beyond to the stars and other dimensions. When you have one Lemurian crystal, you are connecting to the larger grid and all the knowledge found within. This crystal reminds us that we are individuals but connected to something much larger. The knowledge is recorded in the crystal through striations (lines and patterns on the sides of the crystal).

Lemurian is good for bringing about balance and a connectedness. You are in perfect harmony with light and dark, yin and yang. In this state, you have greater access to answers - particularly yes or no questions.

How to use Lemurian Crystals:

  •  In meditation, rub your fingers along each striation and tune into the messages. Focus on one striation at a time.
  • Place on your alter during your equinox ritual.
  • Harmonise the frequencies in the aura.

Crystal Affirmations:

  • I am balanced.
  • I release all that no longer serves my higher good.
  • I embrace the new. I now move forward in perfect harmony.

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