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Love Crystals

At Someday Dream Co. we are all about love and while some people may look to find love from another, this collection of crystals is all about using crystals and their metaphysical powers to find love for self, love for nature, love for spirit and the universe.

There are so many crystals to work with to manifest love - most of them are pink (my favourite colour) and all work with the heart chakra but each narrow in on a specific area of that loving vibe:

Pink Amethyst 

A fairly new stone and it has to be said...was the stone of 2020 and that trend doesn't look like it is slowing!  It is quite rare and only found in one mine in Patagonia. It is great for letting go of grief, sadness and anxiety.  This is such a pretty crystal ranging in light pink hues to deeper, gemmy dark pinks and reds. View our Pink Amethyst in our Natural Geode section.

Rose Quartz

Often overlooked due to it being freely available but this crystal is a powerhouse. Metaphysically, it restores trust, harmony and peaceful relationships.  It is a stone for universal love and self-love.  Keep 2 pieces together in the bedroom to strengthen relationships. I always carry a tumbled stone with me in my pocket.

Purple Amethyst

Purple Amethyst has been included in this list because it is known as the 'couples stone' and is used to strengthens relationships. It also brings a greater connection to our soulmate. This stone is largely used as a calming stone or protection but It is worth tuning in to the other frequencies this crystal has to offer.

Pink Opal

It is relatively rare and found in Peru and Australia. It is a healing and compassionate stone helping to release fears and past hurts. It is the stone of 'resolution', closing one chapter and preparing for a new one. I personally love this one. It is the perfect shade of pink and offers a gentle vibration that reminds one to take it easy on yourself.

Ideas for opening the Heart Chakra:

  • Place over the heart chakra during meditation.
  • Recite mantras whilst holding your crystals.
  • Incorporate your crystals into your yoga practice.
  • Add a crystal to the south-west corner of your home. This is the 'love corner'. 


  • I am loved.
  • I give and receive love in abundance.
  • I open my heart to receive all the good.
  • It is safe for me to open my heart.

Often when we use crystals, we have our mind set on what we wish to manifest. Try meditating with a sphere or wearing crystal jewellery and really listen to the crystal guidance and let its metaphysical powers work. You will be surprised that what you think you need and what you actually need, are different things.

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