Selenite satin spa crystal slab

Selenite: Everything you need to know

Selenite or Satin Spa is one crystal that every one should have as part of their crystal collection but what is it? and how do you use it?

Is it Selenite or Satin Spar?

Let's get this out of the way right from the start.  In the crystal industry, they are often referred to commonly as the same thing. They are different though.  

Selenite forms in large flat, transparent crystals that are often called “plates” or “windows”. They have very thin sheets with many layers. The above picture is Selenite.  Satin Spar is fibrous and white, formed in strands / rods with a flash effect. It is often polished into palm stones, tumbled stones, towers and spheres. 


  • White: This is the most common. Use for clearing, cleansing, and communication with higher realms.
  • Golden: lifts awareness and connects to outside energies.
  • Peach: connects to the sacral chakra, helps balance emotions.
  • Rose: changes mental and emotional programming and connects to the third eye chakra, intuition, and manifestation.

What are the metaphysical properties of Selenite?

Selenite is known for its ability to cleanse, recharge and amplify crystals. Selenite contains selenium which is selenite in trace element form. A trace element is a chemical element found in a very small amount in living things. This trace element allows for other metaphysical properties such as:

  • Brings peace and calmness to body, mind, soul and environments.
  • Allows for clarity of mind by clearing blocked energy.
  • As a high frequency crystal, it allows connection to higher relms and elevates the spirit.
  • enhances powers of manifestation.

Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: Taurus and Aquarius

How to use Selenite:

  • Place within your house near the front door to clear negative energy before it enters.
  • As a wand to cleanse your aura. Gently move the wand around your body, starting at your crown.
  • Use a tumbled stone on your body in a place that feels tight or blocked. Keep in position for 20 minutes.
  • Place crystals on a charging block overnight to cleanse and re-energise your crystals.
  • When used in meditation or spiritual work, it allows for access to the higher-self bringing greater mental clarity. 

Affirmations to use with Selenite:

  • I am calm. I have clarity of mind.
  • My energy is clear and pure.
  • I am aligned to my higher power.

Do I Cleanse Selenite?

Selenite does not require cleansing however, if you feel it does, all methods of cleansing work - Sage, Palo Santo, salt, moonlight, sunlight or sound. Remember, do NOT get your Selenite wet.

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Enjoy x

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