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Amazonite Palm Stone 1

Amazonite Palm Stone 1

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Amazonite: Hope | Empowerment | Communication

Amazonite palm stone. Amazonite is sometimes called 'Amazon Stone' or even 'Amazon Jade' even though there are no known sources of this gemstone in either the river or the jungle! It is in fact a mineral which comes in a few different colours from white through pink and yellow to green and blue.

Embrace your inner Amazon worrier and set your sights on personal progress. Personal growth is all about trusting yourself and your relationships and focus on getting clear on finding your voice with clear communication.  There is nothing stopping you from achieving good luck, success, prosperity and empowerment.

Chakra: Throat

Approx. Size: 6.5cm H x 4.5cm W x 2.5cm Thick

Each palm stone is unique in shape, colour and size. Sold individually. 

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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