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Balance Chakra Set

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This set contains 7 tumbled stones for balancing chakras bringing overall harmony and energy.  To use, place cleansed and charged crystals on each chakra point to clear blockages.  

Use as a set or individually.  Each set contains:

1 X Clear Quartz (Crown - top of head)

1 X Amethyst (Third Eye - Forehead)

1 X Sodalite (Throat - throat)

1 X Aventurine (Fourth - chest)

1 X Citrine (Solar Plexus - navel)

1 X Carnelian (Sacral - pelvic area)

1 X Obsidian (Base - groin or feet)

Sold as a set of 7 crystals.  You can purchase stones individually under the 'Tumbled' section of the website.  Each stone is unique and will vary in shape and size.  Sets have been created intuitively.