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  • Desert rose selenite cluster
  • Desert rose selenite crystal cluster
  • Desert rose Selenite crystal cluster Australia
  • Desert rose selenite cluster Australia
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Desert Rose Selenite Cluster 1

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Desert Rose Selenite clusters are amazing.  Each desert rose cluster is said to have its own guardian spirit!  Traditionally used for protection and boosting self confidence.  A handy cluster to have in your collection. It carries the energies of clarity, prosperity and purification. It assist in being open to the flow of the universe.

Desert Rose Selenite formations get the name from their appearance as they look just like a rose!  They can draw off negativity and are self-cleansing and return positive energy.

Chakra: Root and Crown

Approx. Size: 8cm L x 6cm W x 4cm Thick

Each one is unique in shape, size and colour. Sold individually.

Care: Do not get this one wet!