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Faden Quartz 3

Faden Quartz 3

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Faden Quartz: Purify | Connect | Amplify

Faden is a German word meaning thread, and Faden crystals have white, threadlike lines running through them. Many are also tabular and consist of joined crystals with the line running through them. Such crystals are formed in the midst of shifts in the earth surrounding them which cause them to break, then to restore themselves.

Faden Quartz crystals are Master crystals! It encourages those fragmented parts of ourselves to restore themselves. It is excellent for helping those working through past issues any level.

Many Tabular Quartz crystals, Faden included, have a type of notch located along the edge of the crystal. It is said that rubbing this notch with the fingernail can provide information and insight to the holder from higher realms.

Chakra: All

Approx. Size: 6cm H x 4cm W

Sold individually. This piece also has a rainbow!

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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