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Kammererite Palm Stone 3

Kammererite Palm Stone 3

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Kammererite: Balance | Spiritual Awakening | Positivity

Kammererite palm stone is a powerful crystal used to unlock your soul to bring about balance and harmony. This stone is highly sought after for its spiritual properties. Metaphysical properties of Kammererite include assisting to overcome negative thinking patterns and bridging the gap between spiritual and physical worlds. It is a stone known for bringing about spiritual awakening.

The rareness comes from it being very difficult to source and little remaining of it.  It is also extremely difficult to carve as the stone forms in sheets. If you are wanting a very special stone for your collection, this is the one to get! Read our palm stone blog and crystal guide to using your stone.

Chakra: Crown and Soul Star

Approx. Size: 4.5cm H x 3.5cm W

Sold individually. These crystal palm stones are hand carved in India and specially made for my shop! Variations occur in shape, size and colouring as it is a natural product.

Images show front and back side of the palm stone.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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