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  • Lapis Lazuli pyramid
  • Lapis lazuli pyramid
  • Lapis lazuli pyramid crystal
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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid 1

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Lapis Lazuli pyramid. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of wisdom, intuition and truth.  It is a semi-precious stone prized for its intense colour. Lapis Lazuli stone contains gold flecks which are pyrite inclusions. This deep blue stone can assist in soothing and alleviating a restless sleep.  It has a positive energy to strengthen the mind, helping the wearer to think more clearly bringing about inner hope and courage.

The pyramid shape is a powerful manifesting shape. It has a strong foundation to hold intentions and the 4 sides leading to a point assist in sending your intention out into the universe. 

Chakra: Third Eye

Approx. Size: 4cm at base

A grade. Each stone is unique in shape, size and colour.