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Lepidolite Palm Stone 2

Lepidolite Palm Stone 2

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Lepidolite: Calmness | Peace | Balance

Lepidolite polished palm stone. Lepidolite is known as the 'Peace Stone' because of its calming and nurturing properties. It is an excellent crystal for those with an over-active mind by assisting to soothe emotions and bring balance to body, mind and spirit.  These palm stones are a lilac, pink-purple with sparkles due to lithium inclusions which may assists to bring calmness to the mind whilst clearing negative thoughts and energy.

Chakra: Aligned to heart, throat and third eye chakras.

Chakra: Heart, Throat and Third Eye.

Sourced: Madagascar.

Each stone is unique in shape, size and colour.  Sold individually.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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