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Loose Leaf Sage Kit

Loose Leaf Sage Kit

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Sage: Cleanse | Empower | Protect

Loose leaf Sage cleansing kit. Wave those bad vibes goodbye!  Sage is used to clean and purify your house or crystals. Use when you feel the need or part of a full moon ritual. Traditionally, saging is known to increase wisdom, clarity and spiritual awareness as well as replacing negative energy with positivity.

To use, add loose leaf to a heat-proof bowl. Light the sage and blow out any flames. Allow the smoke to drift around your crystals, home or body. You can move around your house from room to room making sure to get up high and into corners. The kit contains some stems which can assist when moving around your home. Ideal for smaller spaces or if you prefer less smoke and more controlled use.

Sold individually. Make sure to take precautions when using fire/smoke around the house and people. Do not leave unattended.

Sold individually.


All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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