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Mouse Ear Calcite 2

Mouse Ear Calcite 2

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Mouse Ear Calcite: Intellect | Grounding | Self Worth

Mouse Ear Calcite or Mapipi is a mineral raw crystal specimen that gets its name from the shape of the Calcite formations which resemble mouse ears. In life, we sometimes need to clear the negative energy, find grounding  in order to tap into our true self to find personal strength of spirit and energy.  

This cluster is 360 degrees of sparkle. It also has the the original rock on the base from which the calcite has grown. You may also like our other crystal specimens

Chakra: All

Approx. Size: 8cm H x 6cm W x 6cm D

Sold individually. Various angles of the raw stone shown including the back.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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