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Shungite Flat Stone

Shungite Flat Stone

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Shungite: Protection | Grounding | Purify

Shungite flat stone is an amazing crystal that is rare and very unique. It is believed to have come to Earth via meteorite. There is no other stone quite like it!

Shungite contains natural fullerenes that are carbon molecules that have the ability to act like an antioxidant and reduce free radicals except, their action is stronger and lasts longer. Fullerenes have been used for centuries to cleanse water and infuse baths and spas with a strong healing vibrations.

Metaphysically, Shungite assists with mental clarity, and can crystallise our emotions and intentions. Working deeply, it shines a light on the more unpleasant aspects of personality, so we shed what isn’t needed, and are more aware of the aspects we need to embrace. Shungite is also a powerful cleanser of electro-magnetic fields.

To use a flat stone, hold between the index finger and thumb and gently massage your thumb back and forth whilst holding positive intentions. Can be used like a worry stone.

Chakra: Root

Each stone is unique in shape, size and colour. Your stone will be intuitively selected. Sold individually. Some flat stones are speckled with pyrite inclusions.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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