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  • star rose quartz sphere
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Star Rose Quartz Sphere 1

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Star Rose Quartz is a truely beautiful stone that works with the heart chakra for universal love which is why some call it the Heart Stone or Love Stone. It is a soft and gentle crystal that resets the heart chakra, releases stress, and promotes love at all levels. 

This is a star rose quartz and gets has a six-rayed star is caused by reflections of the light from embedded fibres that intersect at an angle of 60°. 

Rose Quartz not only draws love into your life, it assists in providing compassion for yourself and healing wounds of the past. True heart chakra healing is an area we often over look when we try to move on too quickly or ignore past heart breaks.

Chakra: Heart

Approximate Size: 6.5cm diameter. 416g. Stand not included.