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Super 7 Tower 4

Super 7 Tower 4

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Super Seven: Grounding | Ascension | Spiritual Growth

Super Seven polished point. Super 7 is a rare stone found in only one region of Brazil. Super 7 crystal is an incredible stone made up of 7 different crystals each targeting one of the 7 chakra. This stone assists in making changes at a vibrational level helping to guide us onto the right path and towards higher levels of enlightenment.

Super Seven, also known as Melody’s Stone and is said to have the highest vibration of any crystal found to date.  It is a spiritual powerhouse.

Super 7 has an energy of abundance and never needs cleaning or charging!

The 7 crystals in this one stone include: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Quartz.

Chakra: All

Approx. Size: 11cm H x 4cm W x 3cm at base

Each stone is unique in shape, size and colour.  Sold individually.  Front and back of crystal is shown.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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