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  • quartz with black tourmaline crystals Australia
  • Black tourmaline with quartz crystal Australia
  • Tourmaline crystal with raw quartz
  • black tourmaline and clear quartz raw crystal
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Someday Dream Co.

Tourmaline in Quartz 4

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This is a raw piece of quartz with black tourmaline inclusions.  Tourmalinated quartz is a powerful stone for protection and spiritual growth. This piece also has a small sprinkle of golden mica inclusions on the end.

Quartz is known to amplify the energy of surrounding stones.  It clears negativity and creates protective energy.  

Black Tourmaline is both cleansing and grounding.  The long threads of tourmaline strengthens the energy field from negativity.  

High grade. Approx. size of 7cm H X 5.5cm W x 5cm D.  

Sold individually. Some small pieces may flake during transit.