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Trolleite Tail

Trolleite Tail

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Trolleite: Enlightenment | Manifestation | Higher-Self

Trolleite tail carving. Trolleite is considered a stone of ascension, favoured by light workers and healers. It is also said to be a powerful manifesting stone. Work with Trolleite to deepen your meditation practice or manifest your dreams! It brings the calmness needed to explore the expansiveness of life, the earth, and the universe, so we can connect to our higher consciousness and spirituality. Trolleite alleviates stress and provides a sense of purpose. 

Chakra: Throat and Crown

Approx. Size: 6cm H x 7cm W

Sold Individually.

Note: This crystal is part of the Imperfect Range. It stands but is wobbly.

All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but do not replace medical advice.

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